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It is a light, hands-on, whole body and mind healing therapy, done fully clothed. It strives to assist the client's own body in its desire to self-correct and self heal its dysfunctions. CranioSacral Therapy uses light touch to release the tension in the body, allowing it to relax and self-correct. The craniosacral system is made up of the bones, the soft tissue, and fluid that encases your spinal cord and brain. Tension in this system can have a profound effect on the central nervous system, causing problems in any area of the body.

CST can be used on all ages, even before birth, in the uterus, this is because the body is led, and uses only 5g of resistance or less. The weight of a five pence piece on your hand is a good example of this weight. Using then 5g pressure or less the therapist's hands assist the client's own natural healing process to unwind and release the tensions and restrictions in the body.  It should not, therefore, be too much of a leap to see that other areas could be affected too. The body can only endure and absorb so much physical or emotional trauma before the tension causes tissue to tighten or change.

Liz's advanced CranioSacral Therapy (CST) training is uniquely Upledger based - the original form of this most subtle and yet powerful therapy. Its specific client-centric focus through the fascial tissues of the body allows for all parts of the clients' soft tissues (organs, connective tissues, central nervous system, etc) to be wholly part of any treatment session. CST combined with particular aspects of Jungian, Gestalt, and Psychosysthesis therapies makes for SomatoEmotional Release (SER) work to allow for emotional and physical residues, from any type of trauma withheld within the body's tissues, to be released. The aims of CST treatments are to alleviate neurological, physical and emotional problems to restore health and well-being.


During your treatment, your body and core are relaxing. While after your treatment you will likely feel tired. Unlike muscular massage, CranioSacral Therapy starts from your deepest core, letting the effects spread gradually out from there to the rest of the body. The treatment is done gently on your head and body.

How will it make you feel emotionally? Sometimes during a session, emotions arise, even after a session.  It can depend on your body's rhythms, your comfort in sharing emotions, which I welcome and am happy for you to share with me if you would like to. This can include what types of stresses in your life you return to and when they happen, what emotions you have allowed yourself to feel in the past or not, etc. 


CST can help on many levels. I have found that the first benefit experienced is that of relaxation. Clients have reported a better night's sleep, and a feeling of good general well being. On the first visit, I generally do a treatment called The Ten Step. It is a bit like taking your car to the garage. It prepares the body and brain of the idea od CST whilst giving the system a general overhaul, it allows my hands to say 'hello' in a very safe and reassuring way.

It does not take long for the body to acknowledge a helping pair of hands. and then take over the treatment. To explain, you might come in with a sore neck, but after doing some of the evaluation techniques, I might be drawn to work on the pelvis, for example. Using the various handholds to release any tension in this area, the tension may then continue to release up through the spinal column and into the neck, Our bodies have this extraordinary ability to know what is best for us.

The tensions that have built up within the body's system can reach overload and need help. As a therapist, it is my job to facilitate the body's own natural ability to heal itself, even if it means that we start somewhere completely different from the present problem. Meaning that the hidden problem might need dealing with before the presenting problem can heal itself. This therapy can help uncover the hidden issue and help free it of pain and or tension.

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