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Liz’s 10 years experience of CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger) and 18 years teaching Pilates (Body Control) has exposed her to a vast array of conditions and ailments across all ages.


Her treatment approach places great emphasis on listening to her clients and focusing on the whole body, rather than solely the symptoms presented.


Liz has had successful results with the following amongst others: 

anxiety ● back and neck pains ● bereavement ● conception problems ● decreased mobility ● depression ● fatigue ● general slow recovery ● learning difficulties ● menopause ● migraines ● muscle tension ● on-going aches ● period pain ● post-operative recovery ● post-natal recovery and newborn ● postural conditions ● pre-natal ● sleeplessness ● sprains ● stress ● TMJ (clenched jaws/teeth grinding) ● training injuries ● trauma reconciliation ● whiplash

Liz’s CranioSacral Therapy studies have seen her reach advanced levels, including in SomatoEmotional Release, and undertake further courses specialising in Paediatrics,  Sensory Intergration, as well as, CranioSacral Therapy for Horses.

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