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Pilates can change the way in which we use our body’s, the way we move and carry ourselves.  By redressing imbalances and altering movement patterns, the body is brought back into balance, to move in the way nature intended, the way we moved as children before we developed poor postural habits.  These new habits will ensure that not only the muscular-skeletal system functions efficiently but also the circulatory and lymphatic systems.


Below are some of the ailments and conditions that Liz has successfully worked with.  Again they don’t happen in isolation but have a knock-on effect through the whole body and its systems.

Hypermobility Syndrome, pre and post knee and hip surgeries, pre and post pregnancy, general wear and tear and tightness, as well as those feeling the need to generally improve their bodies.    

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The class size is limited to four so as to benefit from the carefully guided precise engagement of the correct muscle groups. We aim to have fun whilst exercising to correct postural alignment.  Time is spent on finding The Core, where it is and how it feels when being activated, as opposed to bracing the whole body for an exercise. We work on the floor on mats and sometimes small equipment is used eg. rollers, small balls, and sit-fits.


Good posture - Pilates will teach you to gain and maintain good posture. The exercises require that your body is always in alignment. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from lower back pain.

Muscle Tone - The exercises involve the use of muscles that you may not use on a daily basis. After the initial soreness, you'll find that your muscles will be much more toned. This is especially good for older people and those who are normally quite sedated in their daily life as muscle tone is usually lost with age and inactivity.

Reduces stress - When doing the exercises, you'll be totally engrossed and won't be able to think about all those responsibilities that weigh you down on a day to day basis. You'll be more focused on your breathing and on the moves that you are making with your body. This is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Flexibility - As we age we tend to lose the flexibility we had when we were young. Pilates will restore your flexibility, gently at first of course. After a while though, you'll be amazed at how much more flexible your body has become. This is especially important for avoiding injuries from falls.

Improves your balance - Through the mind-body connection which is taught in Pilates, you will become much more aware of how your body moves and performs. Therefore Pilates not only improves your physical balance through correct posture but will also restore your mind-body balance.

Gives you a general sense of well-being - Because Pilates focuses on providing a balance between your mind and body it gives you an overall sense of well-being.

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In my studio, I will provide most of the equipment that you will need for sessions. 

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